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Mother Ukraine Cartonic 3D Puzzle

Mother Ukraine Cartonic 3D Puzzle

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MOTHER UKRAINE is a symbol of Kyiv and the tallest monumental structure in Europe. Its height is 102 meters. She holds in her hands a sword and a shield with the Ukrainian coat of arms. Assemble your own Mother Ukraine from Cartonic, paint it or leave it as it is. Display it prominently as a unique decoration with a legendary history.
Cartonic — transform cardboard into genuine ART!
  • Details quantity: 181 pcs
  • Assembled puzzle size: 40x16x11 cm and 15,6x6,24x4,29 in
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Cartonic 101

How much time it takes?

From 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of details and your willing to do it ASAP of to enjoy the proccess.