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PATRON, THE DOG Cartonic 3D Puzzle

PATRON, THE DOG Cartonic 3D Puzzle

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Cartonic 3D puzzles are the easy and eco way to create a genuine piece of cardboard art. It's a pre-cut kit of cardboard slices, as simple as 1-2-3. During creation, you will literally witness its formation layer by layer. Once you're done, you can make your artwork even more unique by painting it or enjoying it as is in your home decor. But we should warn that you might need a new one right after the assembly because the process is kind of addictive.
Patron is not only the goood boy (which is obvious) but also a real hero. This Jack Russel Terrier became world famous as a detection dog serving the State Emergency Service of Ukraine during the 2022 full-scale Russo-Ukrainian war. By the age of 3, he has already detected over 230 unexploded ordnance, met Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and got the PalmDog at the Cannes Film Festival. Assemble the puzzle to meet him too.

  • Details quantity: 59 pcs
  • Assembled puzzle size: 18x7.4x21.5 cm and 7.02x28.86x8.39 in
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Cartonic 101

How much time it takes?

From 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of details and your willing to do it ASAP of to enjoy the proccess.